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Looking for a reliable and innovative Ground Power Unit to supply your aircraft?

No matter which type of Ground Power Unit you are looking for, we have the power to cover your needs.

400 Hz Banded Cable Assemblies

ITW GSE offers a wide variety of replacement 400 Hz aircraft attachable connectors that can be installed in the field on your existing 400Hz banded cable assemblies.

ITW GSE 2400 Cable Retriever

If you want a tidy apron, hangar or flight line, including protection of the valuable 400 Hz aircraft cable, the ITW GSE 2400 Cable Retriever is the optimal solution. The retriever comes standard supplied with 79 feet (24 m) of symmetrical cable in one piece.

400 Hz Single Jacket Cable Assemblies

ITW GSE Modular 400 Hz Cable Assemblies provide the best design with the maximum number of options.

270 VDC Low Inductance Ground Power Cable

270 VDC Low Inductance Ground Power Cable Well suited for the F-35 – 270 VDC Ground Power Unit. The 270 VDC single-jacketed quality cable…

400 Hz Aircraft Cable Assembly

400 Hz Aircraft Cable Assembly The modular 400 Hz aircraft cable assembly is a critical connection between the aircraft and the 400 Hz power…

28V DC Banded Cable

ITW GSE produces the premier two-conductor banded 28 volt cable assembly with a molded head to take the harsh environment of today’s flight line.

Replacement Contact Sections

Prolong the life of your cables by replacing the worn contact sections instead of replacing the entire cable and assembly!

Abrasion Resistant End Cap

The Abrasion Resistant cap from ITW GSE is specially designed with a tapered edge to fit securely on any aircraft on the market today that utilizes 400 Hz power.

Inspection Test Kit for Cables & Connectors

We’ve made cable inspection and maintenance easier with the ITW GSE Cable Inspection Kit.

Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment

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